1. 08.15.13

    My Aunt and I at dinner. 

  2. 08.14.13

    At San Diego’s Little Italy with a few awesome friends.

  3. 08.12.13

    Having peach and strawberry yogurt soju with my childhood bestfriend, Jon, in San Diego. 

  4. 08.11.13

    Happy to be back home in San Diego where my only worry is deciding which beach to go to.

  5. 08.02.13

    Veenhur schnitzel at das German restaurant with ze Romanian tall man, Marius.

  6. 07.14.13

    That’s climbing chalk on my shirt, alright? Haha.

  7. 07.11.13

    Praying to the Honest Tea gods.

  8. 07.05.13

    This is how I react to 95+ degree weather in Boston.

  9. 06.26.13


  10. 06.14.13

    Last dinner in San Francisco before leaving to the east coast for good.

  11. 06.11.13

    At the airport, getting ready to leave San Diego and heading back home to San Francisco. We have a long crazy week ahead, filled with packing and lots of driving towards the east coast.

  12. 06.04.13